About me

WT Consulting AB work with interim management for companies that require some form of change of activity or temporary management. Furthermore I can be helpful as a external- or "shadow" board-member in activities that are in need / want external input. 

Trained both as chairman and member of board work.

WT Consulting AB is run by Stefan Enqvist living in Storfors located in eastern Värmland. Of course I am mobile and work where ever the mission requires.

After working in different businesses over the years, I have chosen to work as an interim manager to share my experiences and of course have the opportunity to continue to develop my self, " you learn as long as you live " is a common say...

I can probably be described as a hands-on business technician with extensive experience of working with the organization, want to see the momentum and change. Straight and clear communication are important parameters and especially "Go to Gemba : go to the source ," be available at the place where it happens. Extensive experience in negotiations with both customers and suppliers, financiers, unions etc. Experiences: B2B sales, production, supply chain, purchasing and logistics (WorldWide), turnaround case, restructurings, bankruptcies, LEAN projects, relocation of plants , plant construction.

I´m a part of ALMI´s organization of Mentors (certified Mentor) for small and middlesize companies.

- Under the CV-eng tab you will see a "formal" document of what has professionally employed me through the years.


Then over the years I also gained many contacts in various industries and I also work, to some extent, with the sale of products, machinery, etc., intended for industrial companies.

   My first manager-role was as a youth coach in hockey. From there, my basic philosophy of leadership comes, one cannot do everything, but together we can achieve incredible deal.

From here my interest to learn more about the team composition and trying to "read" people. In order to get the team on top all have to do their best, but the group must also have the right composition to achieve the desired results.

- Obviously this is obvious to most, but cannot be stressed enough.

For a group to function as intended, a clear LEADERSHIP are needed. Many teams, groups, departments and companies, etc. fall into difficulties due to unclear or inadequate leadership. That no matter how good the individuals are performing.

In this situation, it is often appropriate to resort to external ”new eyes” to not risk being burdened by preconceived ideas. 

- A known fact is that the so called. ”home blindness” starts working after approx. 14 days in the same environment...